Seven Things You Should Do Regularly To Avoid Blocked Drains

If you are worried about the blockage of the drain, you need to follow the right tips to avoid blockage. How do you follow the right tips? Before you follow any advice, you need to be clear about the things that can keep your place away from blockage. Prevention is better than calling an expert. So it is better to manage blocked drains services in Gordon before you call an expert. The best is to follow the seven things we have mentioned below to avoid blocked drains. By following our effective ideas, you can easily control the blockage issues at your place. No one can give 100% protection, but there is nothing wrong with trying these seven things to avoid blockage. 

Hair & Grease

Hair & grease play an essential role in blocking the drains. To avoid blockage, you have better avoid the contact of hair & grease with your drains. Greasy hairballs create a problem for water and blockage is the ultimate result that creates a huge mess in your toilet and kitchen sink. It not only blocks the drain, but you feel a bad smell that makes the environment dirty.

Toilet and Tissue Paper

Besides avoiding grease and hair, you should also avoid throwing toilet and tissue paper in your sink and bathroom. Children often throw things in the bathroom especially hard stuff and toilet papers without knowing its outcome. You have better train your kids regarding the usage of toilets.

Sanitary & Hygiene Products

Sanitary and hygiene products can also cause a huge blockage of drains. You should throw sanitary items in the dustbin, but you often find them in the drains that become the great reason for the blockage. So, avoid throwing these items in the drains.


Food is another reason for blockage that we throw in the drains. Make sure you throw food waste in the kitchen dustbin rather than throwing in the drains.


Toys also cause blockage, so better keep them away from the drains. Make sure your kids are aware of the rules of playing. It is the only way to avoid drain blockage.

Cooking Leftover

Cooking leftover is the biggest reason for drains blockage. Always dispose of your cooking leftover in the bin because you have to find genuine blocked drains services Gordon to get rid of drain blockage.

Construction Materials

Other than cooking material, construction material such as paint, grout, and cement can also cause the blockage of drain. To keep drains clean, take care of this point.