Top 3 things to consider before buying a bed for your child

Newborn babies spend a lot of their time sleeping, and providing them with the best sleeping environment is necessary for the parents. Parents need to take care of their kids’ health and comfort. Babies cannot tell their parents if they are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. They can only cry. It is tough for the parents to know the exact reason for their crying. So, parents need to provide the best cot bed mattress to prevent any harm to the baby while they are sleeping. Some of the things that parents must consider before buying a mattress for their kids are mentioned in this article.


First of all, the thing that parents should consider before buying a mattress for their kid is breathability. Some of the mattresses that are available in the market have breathability issues for the kids. Mattresses for the children cannot be bought by just checking the comfortability of the mattress. The airflow is essential for the health and safety of the kids. Suppose the air does not pass from the mattress, then the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) increase. Breathable mattresses are essential as their airflow minimizes the suffocation, which lowers the chances of SIDS.


After the breathability, parents need to provide the most comfortable cot bed mattress to their children. As I mentioned, babies spend a lot of time sleeping, so they need a comfortable mattress to sleep. Good sleep has a lot of advantages on the health of kids. A study published in “Nature and Science of Sleep” explained a direct relation of good sleep and the physical and mental growth of babies. The kids who get adequate sleep are more creative than others who don’t get adequate sleep. If you provide them with comfortable mattresses and an overall environment to sleep, then they can be sharp and creative in their lives.

The material of a mattress

Foam mattresses are commonly used in the United Kingdom, and they are very comfortable to use. Although they are comfortable enough for adults, they cannot be used for children. Many kinds of foam mattresses release chemicals that can be harmful to the health of an infant. So, it is better to avoid foam mattresses for newborn babies as their organs need more care than adults. The cot bed mattresses that you buy for the newborn babies should be made of 100% organic materials as they are the best for their health.