What are the advantages of wooden floor tiles?

There is no doubt that wooden floors look much better than typical ceramic tiles but are not safe and robust enough to bear tough situations. If you like the natural wood design you should have a look at wooden floor tiles, these are ceramic tiles with original looking wood patterns. There are numerous advantages to these tiles against wooden floors.

There are a variety of wooden pattern tiles available in the market that you can choose the desired colour and design. Wooden floors are more like to catch the heat and get broken due to uneven strength of wood patches. In our modern era, it is not difficult to find real wood-like tiles; the market is flooded with it. Some of the main advantages of these tiles are discussed below.


1.  Easy to Clean:

When the wooden floors are compared to ceramic tile floors, the wooden floor is not easy to clean due to space between wood slabs. Whereas the ceramic tiles do not require much time to clean them, a single mop is enough to clean it. At home, there are many other tasks to do; one cannot clean the floor daily.

2.  Fading:

The ceramic tiles are polished with industry grade materials, unlike the wood polish or enamel. With the passing time, the wooden floor’s colour starts fading off and does not look neat. The colour of some quality ceramic floor tiles does not fade off, and the shine lasts a year. It is very important because floorings are not changed for long years.

3.  Robustness:

The ceramic tiles are highly robust after laying on the ground; they can survive heavy furniture smashes and weight. By wooden floors, floors cannot get robustness like a ceramic tile floor.

4.  Heat Resistance:

The ceramic tiles are the best option for those who will be using the underfloor heating system, as it is heat resistant. These tiles do not catch fire, and the traces of ash and fire can be cleaned easily. The ceramic tile floors are completely fire-proof, it is very useful during fire mishaps. In many cases, it has been seen that the fire increases due to the wooden floor and furniture, which can cause a huge loss of life or property.

5.  Styles:

The wooden effect tiles can be fixed in different designs, as a wide range of different sizes and patterns can be found. In different manners and directions, these wooden floor tiles give unique looks.

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