The Need For A Heat Pump For Domestic Use In Auckland

When you choose the heat pump Auckland for your home, you can be assured of heating that is clean and safe, quiet and efficient and for less money and fuss than many other forms of heating on the market today.

Some heat pumps are more efficient than others in their use of electricity when heating your home and can even struggle to keep up between 5° and 0°C. This can be problematic especially if you live in a colder climate, so when you make your choice be sure that you have the right one for the size of your house and the temperatures where you live to work best in the middle of winter.

What features to check when buying a heat pump?

  • Insulation

It is a good idea to firstly insulate your house and that includes ceiling, underfloor and walls – if you do this your heat pump can be a smaller model and this also means that it will be cheaper to heat your home properly

  • Quality of brand

Do your research thoroughly even though it takes time it will be well worth it in the long run. Make sure it is a reputable manufacturer of Auckland heat pumps who will offer a good guarantee on their product and parts. You will also want to confirm there is a guarantee on the labour for the installation

  • Climate and environment

As the winter kicks in and the temperature drops, so do the output and performance of many heat pumps. If you live in a very cold area one aspect you want to be aware of is the specifications of the heat pump’s performance. A good one should be able to perform effectively down to minus 15°C so make sure to enquire with your supplier that your appliance has this capacity.

  • Size of the pump

This is another area where mistakes can be made. Make sure that your pump is sized correctly for the room you are heating – the distributors will be able to advise on this. If it is too small it will have to work harder and this will cost you more money.

  • Installation

This is crucial to how well your heat pump performs, so be very careful and make sure that your installers are qualified experienced technicians and have a good reputation

  • Environment

Many places are geothermal and coastal areas and your appliance will need protection against corrosion from the outside elements. So choosing the heat pump Auckland is something that can be discussed with your installers as they will be able to advise you.